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Reen Pier, Union Hall is located between Galley Head and Mizen Head in the Gulf Stream fed productive waters of West Cork.

The Stags, a group of battered, angular rocks, lie just outside the harbour, as do many small islands. Just to the east of Mizen Head lies the Fastnet Rock and lighthouse, also known by the nickname Ireland's Teardrop, on account of it being the last part of the country seen by Irish emigrants sailing to the United States in the 19th century.

Local grounds include some interesting sandy banks holding Turbot and Common Skate. As you move further west towards The Fastnet and out to The Mizen you will find plenty of reefs and pinnacles seldom fished, these can hold specimen Pollack, Ling and Conger. The numerous offshore wrecks are in 100+ metres, but hauling specimen Pollack and Coalfish off these seldom fished, deepwater wrecks does have its' own rewards. Summer Shark fishing speaks for itself and in the late summer months there is the possibility of finding Albacore Tuna



The presence of Mackerel at the pier is a great bit of excitement for young kids. You can denote their close proximity by the peculiar ripple on the surface of the water. It’s been known to happen at certain times in the year so much Mackerel comes into the Union Hall pier area you can literally put your hand into the water and pick them out. Although this is often to the disappointment of the true fisherman it can be a great thrill to young children. It’s an amazing site to see the fish flapping around being chased by dogfish and the likes.

Many a days have been happily spent crab fishing at the pier. If the tide is out you have great opportunities to find lug worm on the sand. You may be lucky enough to find some scallop, mussles or razor clams either washed up by the tide or having fallen from the sky by a seagull.

There are a number of well orgaised lakes in the area that are used for fishing. Shreelane Lake in Shepperton stocks Trout while other species are found in the nearby Lough Ine or Rivers like Roury River and the Ilen River.